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Who's Who



Mrs C Reemer Headteacher
Miss G Fry Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Cooper                 Teacher and Key Stage 1 Leader
Mrs J Milbourn               Teacher
Mrs V Fishburn               Teacher
Miss H Turner                Teacher
Mrs T Macrae                 Teacher
Mrs V Dimmock               Teacher
Mrs K Veale                 


Miss R Stockwell                   Teacher
Mrs S Martin                Teacher (PPA Cover)
Mrs A McDonnell   Teacher (PPA Cover)
Mrs J Palmen  SENCO

Mrs E Seager

Music teacher


Mrs A Ray                      Early Years Practitioner
Mrs S Quickenden          Early Years Practitioner
Mrs L Flynn                    Early Years Practitioner
Mrs M Corner                 Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Lowin                    Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Stott              Teaching Assistant
Miss S Tettey                    Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Flanagan Teaching Assistant
Mrs E M Taylor                   IT Technician
Mrs G Hill                       School Secretary
Mrs P Parker                  Admin Assistant
Mrs J Henshaw                   Admin Assistant
Mr G Smith                    Caretaker
Mr C Smith                    Repairs and Maintenance
Mrs J Knowles                Senior Supervisory Assistant
Mrs H Osbourn               Senior Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Baxter                 Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs F Rist                      Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs L Lobb                Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss J Greenhalgh          Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs E Taylor                  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs N Dean                  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms V Palmer            Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss K Seamon                Midday Supervisory Assistant