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Kingshill Infant School


At Kingshill Infant School, our vision and values drive our curriculum. We believe wholeheartedly in preparing children for a life full of learning. The Kingshill student is:


Confident; Kingshill children know why learning is important. They know what helps them to learn. They know their strengths and areas that need further development. They enjoy learning. They know they are in control of their own journey but also how to live and work well with the rest of us, each on our own journey. They have respect for everyone and everything. They know that we are not all the same and therefore do not all need the same. We all have a place in a world shared with each other and with nature. Kingshill students understand the responsibility this brings.


This knowledge, understanding and self-enlightenment comes from studying the various subjects in the school’s curriculum. Exploring each subject fosters curiosity and gives a rich knowledge based on the best that humans have thought and said, discovered and created. So, each new Kingshill child is prepared for a life full of learning, exploring their own creativity and talents but starting with the best of human knowledge at their fingertips. 


In order to achieve this, every young person, whilst at Kingshill Infant School, will be educated in and be part of a community which daily promotes its values and vision. We want all of our students to be educated:

  • In knowledge, skills and wisdom
  • To have high aspirations and understand why learning is important
  • To understand how to live well within a community
  • To treat everyone with dignity and respect


Underpinning this are the core values of Respect, Hard-working and Teamwork.


Therefore, we have a coherent rationale and understanding about what we teach, when and why we teach it, ensuring that there is:

  • An inclusive and challenging curriculum designed to inspire curiosity and build subject mastery, including the skills of literacy, numeracy and oracy.
  • A progressive and sequential curriculum designed to develop a depth of knowledge. The integrity of each subject is respected with key vocabulary being explicitly taught.
  • An interwoven, rich curriculum that is designed to support students’ retention and retrieval of knowledge.


Our curriculum maps for each subject can be found in this section of the website by using the subject links below. If you require further information about the curriculum in any subject area, please contact the relevant subject leader (stated on each subject page).