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Kingshill Infant School


English is at the centre of our curriculum, providing a gateway to all other learning. Knowing how to read, write and speak gives access to the lives which we live. 


From the outset, students learn the conventions of accurate writing, including pen-craft and letter formation. Students are taught to write purposefully and clearly to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Writing for functional real-world purposes helps them to prepare for the demands of adulthood. Students will appreciate the qualities of good writing and base their own on models of excellence. Students craft their writing for effect and impact, with opportunities for planning, drafting and reviewing.


In Speaking and Listening activities, students learn to express their ideas aloud and we encourage them to find their individual voices. They learn how to articulate a point of view and respond to others with sensitivity. We prepare students to be confident, skilled speakers in formal and informal situations. Equally importantly, we prepare them to be thoughtful, attentive and evaluative listeners.


For more information about our English curriculum, please contact our Early Reading Lead, Elliott Plumb or our Writing Lead, Vickie Fishburn on