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Our Nursery area and displays

Maths area
Maths challenges reflect our learning
Encouraging recording amounts
Our self-service snack area
Snack table for rolling snack
Using alliteration for animal names
Supertato display
Linking stories to our learning
Using shapes to make boats
Our winter snowman display
Our black and white self-portraits
Marvellous Me! IEYC topic
Birthday party roleplay
Autumn exploration table
Our scarecrow for Harvest Festival
Making faces from natural materials
Celebrating Diwali
Bonfire night display
Winter time roleplay
Celebrating Chinese New Year
Once Upon a Time IEYC topic
Our learning linked to traditional tales
Making our own stories
Growing plants for Mother's Day
Spring -observational paintings of daffodils
Dinosaur Detectives IEYC topic
Dinosaur jungle role play
Outdoor roleplay house
Our Minibeast Mansion
Climbing frame for gross motor skills
Our new Construction shed
Construction worker costumes
Large construction resources
Area for digging and building
Foundation stage play area
Mud kitchen
Pots for mixing mud, water and resources
What will you make?
Understanding the world through exploration
Technology resources
Malleable area
Creative area
Creative area
Mark making area
Reading area
Our classroom