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Kingshill Infant School


Music is one of the most powerful and profound human activities that exists. For many people it gives reason and purpose to their time on earth. Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high quality musical education engages and inspires students to develop a love of music. They harness their talent as a musician and performer developing their self confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement and well being. Music creates a sense of identity and self worth, it provides an outlet for creativity, self expression and individual uniqueness. For many of our students music will be a life changer – performing music and indeed their particular instrument will become part of who they are and they will take this with them wherever they go.

At Kingshill we promote music and a musical experience for all. We develop lifelong musicians through an age appropriate spiral curriculum of listening, performing and composing ensuring that all value musical appreciation and musical performance.

Our curriculum is supported by Charanga Music School. Charanga gives our staff the confidence to teach exciting music lesson that can be adapted to the needs of our children.