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Kingshill Infant School

Physical Education (P.E.)

At Kingshill, we know that Physical Education is more than just exercise. Physical Education (P.E.) is ideally placed to support children’s all-round development. As well as developing physical skills, P.E. teaches children intellectual skills, helps them navigate complex social situations, and nurtures their emotional development.


The interactive and collaborative nature of P.E. can foster self-confidence, empathy and understanding by encouraging children to work together and support each other.


P.E. encourages pupils to be creative, solve problems, and plan for the future. By working together, pupils can address physical and intellectual challenges while learning to communicate and manage risk and conflict.


Alongside the physical development outcomes P.E. provides, it also contributes to cognitive development. It encourages social awareness – through communication, sharing and understanding – and fosters emotional development, helping children develop confidence, self-awareness and motivation.


P.E. gives us further opportunities to teach our values of Respect, Hard-working and Teamwork. These values are core to any sport or activity and ensure that sportsmanship is adhered to.


For more information about our P.E. curriculum, please contact our subject lead, Mrs Fishburn: