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Kingshill Infant School

Vision and Values

At Kingshill, we have many minds but one mission: to prepare children for a life full of learning.


Our vision is to empower students, through equity, to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a life full of learning. To go on to participate in and contribute to the global world and practise the core values of the school: Respect, Hard-working and Teamwork.


How is this achieved?

  • Through a comprehensive, thoroughly considered curriculum.
  • Through inclusivity, nurture, relationships and care.
  • Through support, guidance and clear direction.
  • Through expert instruction and delivery.
  • Through an unwavering dedication to our values and vision.
  • Through an equity approach.
  • Through promotion of the school’s mission, vision and values within the community.


Values are key to character development and need to not only be taught but caught and practised. Our programme of values education is highly significant from the very start of a child’s schooling. Our core values of hard-working, respect and teamwork permeate all that we do.  From the moment a student arrives at Kingshill Infant School, we encourage them to live these values.


We never give up. We remain positive so that we have the strength to persevere with even the most challenging tasks. We do what it takes for as long as it takes and we learn from mistakes. We are resilient, determined and dedicated to what we do.


We respect everyone for who they are. We are inclusive and believe in equity as well as equality. We think highly of our school and its community and show this through our actions. We are polite and courteous at all times. We are honest and considerate, we own-up to our mistakes. We don’t take advantage of others and helping a member of our team is helping ourselves.


We collaborate harmoniously with each other and other schools. We are willing to liaise and share. We avoid conflict through dialogue. We support each other and the school, remaining positive at all times. The relationships that we build are positive and built upon mutual respect. We are always kind and supportive.




Key Drivers

We also focus on three key drivers: Mastery, which is the drive to get better at things that matter; Autonomy, or the drive to direct our own lives; and Purpose, which is the drive to connect to a cause larger than ourselves (Daniel H. Pink, ‘Drive - The surprising truth about what motivates us.' 2009).


We clearly communicate our mission, vision, values and drivers throughout every day so that the whole school community know the purpose of everything that we do. 


Through experiences and support, all students build the skills to make them life-long learners.



At Kingshill, we have created an impressive culture of success built on the foundation of our values. Students learn, are well mannered and get the support that they need. Teachers teach with skill and drive; they show an enormous amount of nurture to the children, making sure the children enjoy school. Staff and students enjoy what they do together.


Working with families, and presenting young people with common expectations at home and at the school, will be the key to our success. We rely on your interest in what your child is doing each school day; on your support and encouragement for their work; and on your attendance at consultation evenings and school events. Together, we will make sure your child’s education begins successfully.