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Kingshill Infant School

Reading / Phonics

English is at the centre of the curriculum, providing a gateway to all other learning. Knowing how to read, write and speak gives access to the lives which we live.


Reading is a way to discover the world: from the early attachment of language to images, to building words and knowledge through phonics, reading increasingly challenging texts, students gain access to other minds and other times. Through reading fiction and non-fiction students will gain new vocabulary, to allow them to articulate their own ideas. We teach literary terminology and promote critical reading so students understand how writers’ methods create meaning. We read texts, across time and genre, to ensure that students understand that each text is a construct, embedded within its context, as well as its form and its genre. We encourage students to be discerning readers who develop independent tastes and who can make connections between texts.  Our aim is to create life-long readers who view books as a source of inspiration, comfort and companionship.


At Kingshill, we follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics Programme. After extensive research, we found this scheme to be best suited for the needs of our children and school. Please read the letter below to find out a little more about Read Write Inc. 


For more information about our reading curriculum, please contact our Reading Leader: Elliott Plumb at