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Kingshill Infant School


Welcome to Kingshill Infant School. Our school is different to many others as we specialise in Early Years and KS1. With our school being embedded on our vision of “To prepare children for a life full of learning” we ensure that every child has the best start to their education. Our values lead all of our decisions and ensure that all of our children develop into resilient, respectful, members of our team, creating an ethos within the school that is positive and strong.

We are passionate about the power of education and how it can transform lives. And, although we hold academic, music and sporting progress highly, there is equal regard for care, personal development and enjoyment.

At Kingshill, we believe that we can always improve, we model the Growth Mind-set that we instil in our pupils. We hold our children at our core; every decision we make is with the impact on the child in mind. We are innovative and creative in our approach; we learn from and use educational research, so that we are sure that what we implement is likely to have sustained impact. Our children are not with us for as long as a usual primary school, therefore, it is vital that we impart habits and values that will stay with them and continue to support them when they leave us.

We treat every child as an individual and they talk passionately about being part of a vibrant and exciting community, feeling safe and valued. Our children enjoy coming to school and we expect the very highest attendance. The quality of relationships is a hallmark of our school.

We  are conscious that parents are the first and primary educators in a child’s life and we believe that building a close partnership with them is key to supporting a child’s development; communication is key to this. We try to ensure that we are an open, honest school that encourages dialogue and participation from our community and stakeholders.

So for Kingshill, it is about building a solid foundation for our children to grow. It is about giving them experiences that they would not gain in other settings. It is about celebrating diversity and differences, building moral values, keeping safe and healthy. We believe that by doing this, we will have a small impact on improving our community and the futures of our children.


Luke Wildig