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Kingshill Infant School


Kingshill’s ethos is based on an overarching theme of inclusion; preparing children for a life full of learning. We see each child as an individual and we understand that preparing all children for a life full of learning will require many different approaches.


As a school we:
  • Identify children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and ensure provision is made in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice
  • Have an appointed SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
  • Invest in targeted training for staff
  • Ensure that teaching is inclusive and support practices are embedded throughout the school
  • Plan for transitions across all Key Stages


Our Provision

We do our very best to ensure that all pupils feel comfortable, confident and challenged whilst studying with us. For students with Special Educational Needs we know that this means taking a different approach. 

The school is committed to helping all students to flourish regardless of their specific needs. We believe that every person matters and it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to ensure that every student realises their potential.

If a student has special educational needs (SEND), the school will take every reasonable step to identify and meet them. Further information on the policy and provision for SEND can be downloaded below this text.

In line with the Special Educational Needs (SEND) Code of Practice these children are placed on the school's SEND register. Their progress is closely monitored and reviewed at regular intervals. Individual Plans may be written for children with Special Educational Needs and are reviewed with Parents/Carers at Parents/Carers’ Evenings or by arrangement. If necessary, the school is able to access many support agencies in order to help meet their needs.

ICT (Information Communication Technology) is used to support all students, including those with learning difficulties, in accessing the curriculum.


Who is the best person at the school to talk to about my child’s Special Educational Need?

Our SENCo is Mrs J Palmen. You can contact her either via the school's address or by telephone or email.


Tel: 01920 465349


Mrs Palmen is available to discuss any issues that you may have regarding the care and education of your child, including whether they may have a special education need, whether their needs are being met or anything in their learning plans.


Mrs Palmen works Tuesday to Friday. Should you need to speak to someone on Monday, please contact the school office.