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Kingshill Infant School

The Kingshill Curriculum

Our vision for our Kingshill Curriculum is to ensure that all of the children receive a coherent, connected and cumulative curriculum that enables them to remember, retain and retrieve the knowledge and skills they have learnt. All of our subject leaders have the same vision: 'to prepare children for a life full of learning'. Therefore our curriculum has been carefully designed for our pupils and their community. We want pupils to leave with a love of learning, a thirst for knowledge and be ready for the next stage in their education. Pupils will become resilient, independent learners, who understand that making mistakes is a valuable part of the learning process and that working hard will enable them to achieve. This underpins our school values and growth mindset beliefs. We want our pupils to realise their potential, respect differences and go out into the world as successful citizens.


We have a coherent rationale and understanding about what we teach, when and why we teach it, ensuring that there is:


  • An inclusive and challenging curriculum designed to inspire curiosity and build subject mastery, including the skills of literacy, numeracy and oracy.
  • A progressive and sequential curriculum designed to develop a depth of knowledge. The integrity of each subject is respected with key vocabulary being explicitly taught.
  • An interwoven, rich curriculum that is designed to support students’ retention and retrieval of knowledge


Our curriculum is driven by the children of Kingshill and what they need for the best start in their education. Our drivers are elements that are central to our school vision and ethos. They help to drive and shape the curriculum and are incorporated across all subjects and themes.


Our Curriculum Drivers:


Vocabulary – to ensure our pupils can communicate effectively, using language effectively and ambitiously.


Opportunities and Possibilities – to raise aspirations and broaden horizons showing curiosity and fearlessness of what is new or unknown.


Independence – to ensure our pupils develop the life skills necessary to work with growing independence and perseverance and to develop a commitment to learning and self-improvement.


Underpinning this are the core values of Respect, Hard-working and Teamwork.


Our curriculum maps for each subject can be found in this section of the website by using the subject links below. If you require further information about the curriculum in any subject area, please contact the relevant subject leader (stated on each subject page).